Single Loop Detector
Model NO:HSY-C89

Frequency range: 20 KHz to 170 KHz

Product Description:


1.        Loop detectors are used wherever vehicles have to be detected. Like monitoring and safe guarding access ways for counting vehicles. The output signal can be used for controlling door and gate drive mechanisms, road barriers, controlling traffic light systems in car parks or activating card dispensers in car parks.

2.        The Product is a single channel inductive loop detectors. The principle is based on a change in the inductance within the loop which is caused by the metallic components of passing vehicles. The changes are picked up and evaluated by a microprocessor. Ease of use due to the automatic calibration when the operating voltage is applied.




Supply voltage AC: 220V, 110V,

Supply voltage DC: 24V , 12V

Sensitivity: adjustable in 3 increments (high. medium. low)

Operating temperature: -20 to +65º C

Storage temperature: -40 to +85º C

Frequency range: 20 KHz to 170 KHz

Reaction time: 100ms

Loop inductance: Ideal: 80μH to 300μH

(incl. con. wiring): max: 50μH to500μH

Loop connection: <5m optimal

Loop connection wiring: Maximum length 200 meters,

Twisted at least 20 times per meter

Dimensions: 35x74x85 mm

Net Weight: 300g