RFID Card Hotel Door Lock
Model NO:HSY-318A


RFID Card Hotel Door Lock

1. materialZinc alloy

2. Card Type: T5557 Card or Mifare 1 Card




1.       Card Type: T5557 Cards or Mifare Cards;

2.       Make use of the inductive technology of electromagnetic wave; The induction is more sensitive. Inductive distance ≤5cm;

3.       Power Supply: DC 6V, 4 pieces of No.5 alkaline batteries. It can be used for more than one year in normal state.

4.       The main chip of circuit board is the USA Texas Instrument TI Chip. Power Consumption static current: ≤15 UA, card reading current:≤20 MA, lock opening current: about 300 Ma (last for 0.3s), Work Settings:temprature:-20°C~+70°C,Humidity: ≤95% RH;

5.       Lack of Voltage Indication: When the voltage is less than 4.8V, there will be a 3 sound and the red LED will light. Further more, the lock can still be opened for more than 50 times.

6.       Application: hotels, parking lot, residence community, office entrance guard and so on.

7.       Specialty: output guard, water proof and moisture proof, tamper-proof management. Anti-static electricity : >15,000 V, it ensures information inside the lock not missing under the interference of strong static electricity.

8.       System Configurations: a computer (provided for yourself), a suit of software system of making cards, a card-maker, cards, locks.