RFID Guard tour system
Model NO:HSY-V1

1. 129,536 pieces and circulation storage

2. standalone version software or online version software

3. the quantity of checkpoint is according to the places you will 

V1 is one of our best selling models, it has many characters, low power reminder could remind the guard to charge,

impact records could help manager search who breaks the reader on purpose easily, rugged enough could withstand 15 meters' drop



One standard includes:

1.      Manage software: standalone version software or online version software.

2.      Reader: the guard takes a reader to scan checkpoints.

3.      USB cable: connect PC and reader directly.

4.      Charger: we have European standard charger, British standard charger and American standard charger.

5.      Patrolman tag: the quantity of patrolman tag is according to guards's number

6.      Checkpoint tag: the quantity of checkpoint is according to the places you will patrol.


Technical data:



 V1 RFID guard tour control system

 Storage capacity

 129,536 pieces and circulation storage


 Rechargeable battery, 3.7V, 300mAh


 Led & Vibration prompt



 CE & RoHS




 Rubber shell

 Rubber is more durable


 Withstand 15 meter one time, 2 meters 50 times

 Low battery reminder and impact records


 Battery life(fully charged)

 Charge 1.5 hour for more than three months